The Valadiers Nick A. Marinelli Stuart Avig Andy Alonzo Carlos Valverde
The Valadiers


It all started back in 1959 on the soulful streets of Detroit, Michigan. Stuart Avig, Jerry Light, Marty Coleman and Art Glasser, all White-Jewish kids known as The Valadiers scheduled an appointment with Berry Gordy (President & CEO of Motown Records). At the time Motown was considered one of the most successful independent recording companies existing. Even though Motown became mainstream across the country, it was only comprised of Black entertainers such as: Barrett Strong, Marvin Gaye, Mary Wells, Marv Johnson, The Miracles, The Contours and The Temptations. When The Valadiers walked in for the audition their chances seemed slim to none as Berry was looking for that unique sound of soul and did not expect that from four white faces. However as history will soon demonstrate, Never Judge a Book by its Cover! The Valadiers quickly became apart of the Motown family and will go down in musical history as having been "THE FIRST" white vocal group ever signed to Motown Records! Their blockbuster Motown hit was “Greetings (This is Uncle Sam)” and greetings to all of you who have supported The Valadiers for all these years because……………..they’re Back!!!!!

Happy 50th Birthday Motown and please welcome back The Valadiers. Moving ahead to 2009 after several requests from fans, promoters and other artists, the first White group to ever record for Motown is back! The Valadiers are now comprised of:

  • Stuart Avig / original lead singer and tenor
  • Andy Alonzo / lead singer, baritone, and bass (Valadier since 1980)
  • Donald Revels / lead singer and tenor
  • Charlie Valverde / lead singer and baritone
and still sound as soulful as ever!

These are seasoned, polished professionals. The performers other entertainers choose to see on their nights off. The ability of each member to sing both lead and background vocals lends versatility, variety, range and texture few groups offer. Their vocal harmony is fantastic, add to that their sharp presentation, choreography and Las Vegas-style comedy and you get "The Valadiers" as you never seen them before!

"When it comes to great vocal group harmony and a rollicking good musical time, The Valadiers are a great choice. They turn every show into a good old house party."


The Valadiers